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Dangerous Flamingo

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Dangerous Flamingo

 If you love harmony and melody in your music and have wide variety of genres in your collection then Dangerous Flamingo won’t disappoint! With a fusion of sound seeped in jazz and blues notes and blended with new country and folk harmonies Dangerous Flamingo is a band with something to say. The sultry vocal styles of Ali and Lisa blend perfectly to suit their thought provoking and original lyrics. Driven forward by inspiring and exciting guitar from Simon and superbly supported on bass by Jon, together they create a diverse set with lyrics and melody to tug on your heart strings and rhythms to tap your toes to.

Dangerous Flamingo was a project to bring together musicians to develop the songs and writings of Lisa and Ali and has become so much more and this band of 4 are receiving positive notes and a warm reception wherever they go. 

Dangerous Flamingo is a member of

The Americana Music Association UK 

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