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The wonderful world of Dangerous Flamingo is the brain child of two female singer / song-writers (Lisa and Ali) We were creating our music independently then both decided to find other musicians in West Wales to collaborate with…and found each other. Our initial focus was on merging our two sounds together to see how we could support each other and add vocal harmonies (something we both highly value as beautiful aspect of song writing). The resulting combination has been an unusual yet tantalising combination of blues, Americana country and jazz.

Wanting to develop our voice and to reach further, we were excited to bring in some other musicians to really complete the songs we were creating. Enter Si (lead guitar) and Jon on bass who have each brought such awesome tones to our music. 

As a group we all contribute and give input and ideas, bringing our individual experience to make each song unique. So whilst the songs remain written by Ali and Lisa, the final product is a result of our full team effort bringing together everyone’s skills, talent and passion.

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Ali Moore

Singer songwriter, guitar, keys

Ali’s first passion is singing, harmonies and using the voice as an instrument within music backed up by acoustic guitar. Ali has been a lead singer throughout her music career, moving into songwriting and producing. She creates superbly crafted lyrics and melodies, which are driven by a love of a wide range of music and results in sounds influenced by jazz, blues and folk. 
Ali uses much female led harmony in her music and the fully immersive process of creating new music collaboratively with other musicians and seeing what they bring to her song-writing is key. 

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Lisa Flude

Singer/songwriter, guitar, mandolin, keys 

Lisa’s songwriting influences have been folk, blues and new country/Americana however having been in Nashville many times in recent years the new country style of raw truth wrapped up in a minor key has heavily influenced her lyrics and playing. After studying Performance Arts qualifications Lisa spent 10 years in professional theatre and TV before having a family and having to leave performance and songwriting writing on hold. Now living in Ceredigion and having the time again Lisa has picked up where she left off! Lisa’s songs can also be found at

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Simon Pettit

Lead Guitar
Simon originally wanted a drum kit for Christmas but received a guitar instead. After the initial struggle to learn some chords he then went on to develop his own personal style. Simon brings a wealth of experience to Dangerous Flamingo music and has been a member of some great bands, playing many gigs throughout the UK and Europe. His love of catchy songs and harmony vocals led to him joining Dangerous Flamingo. When he’s not making music with his one pickup guitar you can find him either in his boat or along the West Wales coast with his fishing rod.

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Jonathan Holcroft

Jon has been part of music and theatre in Wales since 2009 having composed and produced scores for several independent theatre companies. Jon’s experience in arrangement and production is of immense value to the Dangerous  Flamingo songs, especially as we record our music and produce EPs. Always happy to try different instruments and approaches Jon is currently playing bass predominantly but keys and mandolin are also in the mix. Jon’s diverse music influences range from Radiohead to Slipknot, Tom Waits to EI-P .

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